The state we’re buying it in

We talked to the owner, he accepted our offer, and we committed to buy a 1954 La Cabana Canned Ham trailer!!

This is kind of crazy. Where do we put it? Garage? Might not fit. Side yard? Full of plants. How do we get it–don’t own a car with a trailer hitch. It’s in southern California, we’re in Northern. Kinda crazy. It’s old…58 years old to be exact. I’m sure these things wern’t made to last more than 10-ish years back then. The owner did some work renovating, for which we are very appreciative and extremely grateful–I’m not exactly a retired railroad worker with tons of time to tear down and rebuild a vintage camper. (Although I could do it given the time, I assure you.) My wife doesn’t think I’m very handy, but I can do anything they make a manual for. No problem. Just an issue of time. Well–this will be interesting.