OK, let me back up. Why are we buying a 1954 canned ham camper trailer that’s got few, if any amenities, only partially restored, might not fit in our garage, and is a 13 hour round trip away from where we live. Are we crazy?

It all started many years ago when my wife, who’s an avid sewer and quilter wanted a sewing room in the back yard. We’re in a four-bedroom house with three children, so you guessed right–no cute, sunlit sewing room at have all to herself in the house. So an out-building was the next step. BUT it had to be cute. Not a shed. Not a thrown up box of some sort. It had to be a cute building with lots of windows. Something a creative artist would love.

That idea percolated for a long time. We don’t even have a garden shed to put the lawn mower (which of course I though should come first) and life was busy, so the idea stalled. Then, I’m not quite sure how, she got the idea of a camper trailer. Of course modern camper trailers are expensive, but much more importantly, not cute. So a vintage camper trailer it was. This flash of insight was a few weeks ago. I resisted, stalled, dismissed and was generally unhelpful about the idea. (Now I’m writing a BLOG about it–that’s a turnaround!)

She got obsessed. Crazy even. She bought a craig’s list app for $1.99, (I’ve bought maybe 1 app in my life and it was $0.99) she searched eBay every hour. She’d wake up at 6AM and immediately get on her iPad to search. Like I said, I had no interest.

Then she got to me. The practical, cost-efficient, sensible side of me (This project won’t be any of those things, I’m sure, but she knows how to work it). We’re planning on taking the kids on a road trip to San Diego in November down Route 1 in California and seeing the sights along the way. We had already talked about a family vacation driving up to Oregon next summer to explore. We wouldn’t have to stay in hotels. We could stay in charming campgrounds. It would be less expensive. It would be fun. The kids would love it. Even though there’s three of them plus us and these things usually hold only two people, they could sleep outside in a tent and us inside.

The mantra was having it’s effect on me. I was getting hooked. I became more and more interested in the craig’s list postings. I downloaded the same app (hey it’s free for me now that she’s already bought it). I began searching eBay myself. We began exchanging links over email during the day. I began to stay up past midnight looking, searching, combing the web for everything and anything I could find. (Tin Can Tourists is a great site for history and listings www.tincantourists.com)

I started to think it would be fun and interesting to do an authentic restore of a mid-century camper. It’s part of Americana. To hit the road with family and friends, toexplore the great outdoors, toget in touch with our roots, that’s what life is all about! And we can buy kitchy stuff to decorate with at garage sales… So I was definitely hooked, and in on the hunt.