We head down to pick up the camper this weekend! Here’s a photo-journal of the trip

Driving south on I-5 my wife caught this clever image of the sunset through the side-view mirror.

Those little digits of your bank account  on a screen  just don’t hold a candle to the real thing. This is what we “traded” for our Camper!

We own it!!! Driving away down in So. Cal.

Bribing the kids to tolerate the 14-hour round-trip, we spend the rest of the day at Universal Studios.

What can I say? Awesome giant Krusty the Clown Head.

It’s a sign! Genuine Airstream vendor location inside the park.

Oh so retro.

Just a cool dragon

Iron work over a huge courtyard on the CityWalk at dusk.

Self Portrait

and miles to go before we sleep…


Now the real work begins…cleaning, painting, polishing, water, electricity, propane, dinette, etc, etc, etc.