We made it back, including a trip up and over the Grapevine (topping out about 4000 ft). Turning off the air conditioner out of paranoia of overheating caused quite a stir. “Dad, it’s getting stuffy out here,” my kids said. “Ok, I can’t talk anymore, it’s too hot,” my wife told her friend on the cellphone. It was 95 degrees outside. The minivan did great however, and so did the trailer.

Back in our driveway, it was exactly 48 hours to the minute when we received the obligatory letter from the Homeowner’s Association reminding us that we are out of compliance with the rules. Those Neighborhood watches are efficient!

So, the next weekend was spent ripping out plants in the side yard and cutting a fence panel out in order to move it to the back patio for continued maintenance.

The renovation is going well, seams are being sealed and cargo door frames rebuilt due to rot. All effort is focused on prepping for the big paint job! I’ll submit additional posts for those restorers out there who would like to know details.

In The Driveway. Can you read the sign I posted due to HAO notice?

Windows are out and work underway.

Kitchen Window Side. Prepping to Paint!