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Monthly Archives: July 2014

This will be the first and only time we get our little La Cabana out of storage this year. I’ve been getting subtly worried about her in the back of my mind all year. In December, 2013, we bought and zipped her up tight in a Classic Accessories PolyPro 3 R-Pod 150 Teardrop Trailer Cover, Gray/White. We bought it from Walmart at a great price, about $120. I found that old link and Walmart says they don’t sell them anymore. So the link above is Amazon, and that unit may be a 170 instead of 150. But I’m sure you can also find them on other websites. Ours fit perfectly for our little camper with an overall length to the tongue of about 11-12 ft. The 170 says it fits up to 15 feet. It was easy to put on, including clever little sacks you put some rocks in, to through the straps under the chassis. Seemed nice and tight and waterproof when we were done, but I haven’t checked on her since then, as I said.  😦   So looking forward to going up there and seeing how she survived the rainy winter and now hot summer. Will report back as further preperations get near.

IMG_0950 IMG_0947

You can see the little triangular pieces that constitute the tie downs and distribute the load, which I thought worked well, and you can see that the R-pod teardrop shape fit our vintage trailer shape quite well!


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