Here’s a look at just some of the great vintage camper trailers and vintage automobiles we saw during open house on the second day.


This is a 22′ long 1964 Airstream Safari owned by Steve Walker of Sacramento, CA. Love the all-black “Blues Brothers” style car pulling it!


Renovation not finished? That’s OK, bring it to Trailerfest!

IMG_3290 IMG_3291This is one of the coolest contraptions at the Trailerfest: a 1952 Kom-Pak Sportsman, owned by Bob Sullivan of Carson City, NV. It’s got a Tear-Drop-like utility area in back, and a sleeping area inside, and the roof unclamps to become your fishing boat for the day!!! Very cool, creative idea. Just better make sure all that fish muck is cleaned out before you go to bed that night! Oh, and, hope it doesn’t rain during the day…

IMG_3292Some people really go all out with the matching period and paint-job car and trailer. The trailer is a 12′ 1957 Shasta owned by Kent & Maria of Vacaville/Dixon, CA.


This is a 1957 Kenskill 16 footer from San Francisco, CA owned by Holly Hitchcock and Rob Biaggi. The matching station wagon is perfectly reminiscent of old time family vacations.


This is a beautifully painted and restored 1957 Jewel. One of the longer canned hams at 17.5 feet. Chuck and Sharon Taylor brought in this beauty from Sacramento, CA.


This cutie is also a longer model (16 ft) of a 1962 Shasta owned by Gracie and Jim Lathrop of Paso Robles, CA. Complete with the classic Shasta “wings”!

IMG_3310 IMG_3312 IMG_3313 IMG_3314

A really true 50’s canned ham, this is a 16 foot, 1957 Cardinal owned by Jay and Kathy Bell from right here in Lodi, CA. Interior and exterior both are just immaculate and beautifully preserved. Note the original ice box (no refrigerator compressor in there!) opposite the galley.



This is an unusual 1965 Mobile Scout, 15′ in length with owner Randy Bonfantini from Rohnert Park, CA (wife, Char, must have been gone checking out the other vintage treasures!) Note the canned-ham style rear left over from the 50’s and the bunk space up front, starting to look like the late 60’s, early 70’s.


See what I mean? This 19 foot 1967 Shasta Starflyte brought by Laura and Nick from Cloverdale, CA, looks more 70’s than 60’s. The rounded look is gone and the boxyness begins. (We all knew there was something wrong with the 70’s)

IMG_3331 IMG_3333

IMG_3341 IMG_3335


Now this, for us, was a VERY special find: a 1958 13 foot Westerner. This one owned and obviously lovingly taken care of by Howdy Hoover (now that’s a great name!) of Sacramento, CA. What’s so special about this one is that I read somewhere that after two years of operation, La Cabana Trailer Company sold itself to Westerner. Our La Cabana is a 1954, so look at this westerner only four years later! Almost identical, save the louvered kitchen and side dinette windows! Very cool! I love rediscovering the hidden history and similarity in things that reveal a common heritage.

IMG_3350 IMG_3358

For instance, look at the similarity in these two Aljoa’s. The green one is a 1954 (Owners: Mike and Kim Archambault from Wilton, CA) and the red one is 1956 (Mary Upham, also from Wilton, CA). Obviously in the second half of the 50’s, that louvered window style came into fashion. (our 1954 doesn’t have them.)


I couldn’t end this post without a shout-out to our camping neighbor, ex-pilot, and all around cool guy, Christy Bardon of Nevada City, CA who brought his 1966 Ultravan–the Ultimate Burning Man vehicle! My kids called it the wiener-dog mobile.


Here we are, all set up and chillin’ with Lucky and Tucker.


The original cabana with all three sides more than doubles the useable space.


I have to give a huge complement to Paul and Caroline Lacitinola (not pictured here–that’s the folks who made the cupcakes! Thank you guys too!) who did an amazing job of organizing and pulling off such a huge event. Next year is supposed to double in size, filling the entire KOA–Over 250 units!!!


All packed up and ready to go into storage for another year!