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I received a nice comment from Verna Simmons on the blog indicating that she also owned a La Cabana. I’ve never seen or heard of another one, this Westerner from the 2014 Trailerfest coming the closest. So I wrote back and she was nice enough to supply some pictures and her story. I was amazed that her’s is titled as a 1948! That means the La Cabana Trailer Company was around longer than I thought, ours being a 1954.

Trailer Trailer 2

“Previously we had a 36 foot motorhome.  We wanted to combine our love for street rod events and camping/traveling, so we started looking for a vintage trailer. We found the trailer on EBay. Bought from a family in Yuma. We’ve added a lot to it and plan to paint both the ’37 Chevy and trailer red and a cream color. Hope to travel the Western states next summer.”

“It is titled as a 1948 La Cabana and is 14 foot long.  We have not seen another with that extra door either.  When it is closed you can’t even tell it is there.​  The toilet is hidden under the counter next to the sink.  To get to it, you raise the counter, open a door and viola….there is a toilet. We did add a hook to hold the counter top up instead of using our head which was a bit uncomfortable.  It has the original refrigerator door, but when you open the door there is a newer refrigerator inside. We also put an air conditioner in a cabinet above the refrigerator that you can’t see unless the door is open (that latches to the ceiling). On the outside you can’t tell there is an air conditioner because there is the vent.  We had a generator placed on the front tongue and are having it enclosed with an aluminum covering.”


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