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VERY excited about Trailerfest in two weeks! Got the baby out of storage after putting her away almost 9 months ago. The cover I bought held up OK, in the sense that I didn’t see any bad water damage from last winter, but at the same time there were some significant tears from the wind, which I repaired with super sticky red duct tape.

Did a bunch of little painting touch-ups inside and out just to get her in tip top shape, and packed all the camping gear. Looking for vinyl stick-on letters to put on the name plate on the back. Turns out that the original name plate featuring “La Cabana Trailer Co.” from 1954 uses Brush Script Std font, easily duplicated in Microsoft Word today. Since the font was first designed in 1942 and had it’s peak of popularity in the immediate post WWII era, makes sense it was chosen by the company in 1954. Interesting trivia from Wikipedia.


Photo of Original (Badly Faded) nameplate from camper.

La Cabana

Re-creation of nameplate using Brush Script Std font in Word.


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