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My apologies, If you read the short non-fiction story “A Chance Encounter” here in the last few weeks, I’ve moved it to a new blog called

I’m going to publish my first fiction novellette very soon, and I’ve started a whole new blog to concentrate on just writing and self-publishing. CannedHamCrazy will remain dedicated to our love of our little vintage travel trailer.

By the way, driving down Route 101 with our La Cabana in tow this last November 2013 for Thanksgiving, I noticed a little red sedan in the passing lane speeding by us, (Cars towing anything can not exceed 55 mph in California, no matter what the posted speed limit is) but then slowing down, backing off and matching our speed. Then the driver backed off a little more moving behind us.

“What is going on,” I thought. Then looking out my window, I saw a woman in the passenger seat snap a photo of our awesome vintage camper right then on the highway! Booya! I gave my wife a high five inside the car and said, “That’s our first official Camper Compliment (CC) of the trip.”

Several more CCs would come from strangers at the campground wondering about various details. We also met a lovely couple in a vintage Airstream Bambi. What a great little compact touring trailer! They preferred to keep the bed always made up, foregoing their dinette and just eat outside each night. We got a full tour and they were quite sweet.

By way of a preview for my readers, I am very anxious to attend the Vintage Camper Trailer Rally in Lodi this year. The La Cabana is more than ready for it, and imagine the people we’ll meet and the stories we’ll come home with! Gotta do it.



The state we’re buying it in

We talked to the owner, he accepted our offer, and we committed to buy a 1954 La Cabana Canned Ham trailer!!

This is kind of crazy. Where do we put it? Garage? Might not fit. Side yard? Full of plants. How do we get it–don’t own a car with a trailer hitch. It’s in southern California, we’re in Northern. Kinda crazy. It’s old…58 years old to be exact. I’m sure these things wern’t made to last more than 10-ish years back then. The owner did some work renovating, for which we are very appreciative and extremely grateful–I’m not exactly a retired railroad worker with tons of time to tear down and rebuild a vintage camper. (Although I could do it given the time, I assure you.) My wife doesn’t think I’m very handy, but I can do anything they make a manual for. No problem. Just an issue of time. Well–this will be interesting.

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