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This is what’s left of the Temple of Saturn (497 BC) in the Roman Forum – the place where conquering generals would place the booty captured from foreign civilizations.

Although the sun is directly behind a column in this shot, I used the iPhone’s High Dynamic Range mode to enable some of the texture in the foreground to be visible. I like this ability to electronically superimpose three separate shots to produce one image that no single exposure could capture.



This picture is big (taken with the new panorama mode on the iPhone 5) The Grand Canal in Venice is named “big.” The Ponte Rialto in the background on the right is a seriously big tourist trap. The outsized egos of 17th century Venetians during the height of their global commercial power is still on display here through art and architecture–in a big way. For a Californian family, a trip to Venice is one Big vacation!


I was on a business trip to Chicago and before dinner decided to skip the bars and took a walk to Oak Street beach, at the north end of Michigan Avenue, the “Magnificent Mile”. It was dead empty being late September. The light at dusk was a powerful combination of reds and oranges with puffy clouds in the sky after a storm. A particular shaft was coming through a gap in the buildings to the west, and was at the perfect angle to hit just the crest of waves rolling in from Lake Michigan. A solitary and beautiful moment to absorb.

Evening sun on Lake Michigan

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